Danke ™Komfort White glossDanke window sillsKOMFORT

Danke ™Komfort White gloss
Danke ™Komfort White gloss
Danke ™Komfort White gloss
Danke ™Komfort White gloss
Danke ™Komfort White gloss

Length: Maximum 600cm. Cut to your size free of charge.

Width: 15 сm, 20 сm, 25 сm, 30 сm, 35 сm, 40 сm, 45 сm, 50 сm, 55 сm, 60 сm, 70 сm.

Danke ™Komfort White gloss window sills are a classic design in white. This model is versatile and suitable for home and public interiors. Thanks to the glossy finish the surface is easy to maintain, resistant to food colours and requires no additional treatment.

The catalogue on our website contains articles in widths from 100 mm to 700 mm. The maximum length of the product is 6 metres. We can cut to your exact measurements free of charge. The products not only have an attractive appearance but also excellent performance.

Special construction with reinforcing ribs and window sill thickness of 20 mm allow the surface to bear weight of more than 120 kg. The window sills are made from environmentally compatible PVC. It is free of formaldehyde and lead, and is safe in use and when exposed to the sun.

The acrylic coating protects the window sill from scratches and damage, over time the surface does not lose its lustre or yellowing. Polymer window sills from the German manufacturer Danke are resistant to water and moisture. They will not shrink or peel over time, they stably retain their shape. They are also not susceptible to biological decay and do not harbour mould and insects. The article is compatible with all types of windows. The manufacturer's guarantee is 10 years.

This décor is in stock in sufficient quantity

Name Unit Price, EUR.
Window sills «Danke», width 100 mm running meter Komfort 7.52
Window sills «Danke», width 150 mm running meter Komfort 11.94
Window sills «Danke», width 200 mm running meter Komfort 15.96
Window sills «Danke», width 250 mm running meter Komfort 20.00
Window sills «Danke», width 300 mm running meter Komfort 23.9
Window sills «Danke», width 350 mm running meter Komfort 27.9
Window sills «Danke», width 400 mm running meter Komfort 31.88
Window sills «Danke», width 450 mm running meter Komfort 35.88
Window sills «Danke», width 500 mm running meter Komfort 39.86
Window sills «Danke», width 550 mm running meter Komfort 43.86
Window sills «Danke», width 600 mm running meter Komfort 47.84
Window sills «Danke», width 700 mm running meter Komfort 55.84
Connector 135/90 штука Komfort 4.84
Connector 180/120 штука Komfort 4.84
End cap, 700 mm (пара) шт. Komfort 4.36
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