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Decors Danke window sillsPREMIUM

Lucido Bianko glossy

Danke - Lucido Bianko glossy

™Danke «White glossy» Lucido Bianco glossy is a versatile solution for home and public spaces. The coating is practical to care for, perfectly combines with different design styles.

Creme de Turquie glossy

Danke - Creme de Turquie glossy

™Danke «Light beige marble» Creme de Turquie glossy imitates the beautiful texture of light beige marble. Such window sills will emphasize the status and nobility of the interior.

Mramor Classico glossy

Danke - Marmor Classico glossy

™Danke «Grey Marble» The Mramor Classico gloss window sill is an exquisite window design option. The realistic texture of the natural stone, the beautiful colour transitions and the glossy sheen accentuate the stylish interior design.

Onyx glossy

Danke - Onyx glossy

™Danke «Pink Onyx» The article Onyx glossy is a combination of a delicate color scheme in a pink shade and an elegant pattern of natural marble. This solution is suitable for interiors with an emphasis on luxury and sophistication.

Lalbero Bianko matte

Danke - Lalbero Bianko matte

™Danke «White wood» Lalbero Bianko matte is a refined version of the white decors. The surface imitates the wood of natural oak. The article combines lightness, elegance and ease of maintenance.

Lalbero Bruno matte

Danke - Lalbero Bruno matte

™Danke «Brown Oak» Lalbero Bruno décor is a noble imitation of brown oak. The design will be relevant in classic interiors. It is versatile, perfectly combines with different types of window profile lamination.

Lalbero Bruno glossy

Danke - Lalbero Bruno glossy

™Danke «Brown Oak» Lalbero Bruno glossy looks like a slice of brown oak. The glossy surface allows you to put an expressive accent in your chosen interior style.

Lalbero Classic glossy

Danke - Lalbero Classic glossy

™Danke «Light Oak» Lalbero Classic glossy looks like oak wood. The article is made in a gentle beige color. This design looks soft and laconic, makes the interior lighter visually.

Mahagony glossy

Danke - Mahagony glossy

™Danke «Red wood» The Mahagony glossy design is a unique texture in a dark brown shade. The decor imitates mahogany wood and impresses with elegance and luxury.

Wenge glossy

Danke - Wenge glossy

™Danke «Black wood» Wenge glossy is the perfect accent for bold interiors. The natural wood texture, dark colour transitions and glossy highlights give a unique play of light.

Wenge matte

Danke - Wenge matte

™Danke «Black wood» Wenge matt window sill imitates the pattern and expressive dark shade of African wood. It will be a bright accent of different interior styles. The surface is easy to care for.

Linings for windows (sandwich)

Crystalit - Linings for windows (sandwich)

Window linings made of sandwich panels correspond to the main variants of window sills decor. Thanks to this you can decorate the window opening in a single style. Multilayer construction has thermal insulation properties.

Decors Danke window sills Standard

White matte

Danke - White matt Standard

™Standard The matt white window sill is a standard interior design solution. This design is practical, suitable for any style and recommended for public facilities.

Golden Oak matte

Danke - Golden Oak matte Standard

™Standard The matt golden oak window sill will give your interior a warm touch. The detailed texture of the natural wood will enhance any design idea.

Marble matte

Danke - Marble matte Standard

™Standard The marble matt window sill looks noble in the interior. The pattern imitates the texture of natural stone in great detail and the discreet colour scheme blends in seamlessly with different styles.

Decors sills ™Komfort ™Komfort

White glossy

Danke - White glossy Komfort

The ™Komfort white gloss window sill is uncompromisingly white and has an ornate sheen. Thanks to its ultra-smooth surface, it does not accumulate dirt or lose its lustre over time.

White matt

Danke - White glossy matte

™Komfort white matt is a versatile window sill solution. The window sills can be used both for home décor and for installation in public areas.

Grey glossy

Danke - Grey glossy Komfort

The ™Komfort window sill in glossy grey is the optimal choice for a concise space. It is not as bright as white and is therefore easier to care for. The surface retains its lustre for many years.

Beige glossy

Danke - Beige glossy Komfort

™Komfort Beige Gloss is a soft accent at home or in the office. The glossy surface is highly wear-resistant, unaffected by moisture and direct sunlight.

Oak Matte

Danke - Oak matte Komfort

The ™Komfort (3D)Oak window sill is an elegant window opening design. The detailed imitation of the wood grain and the natural shades will complement any interior style.

White Oak Matte

Danke - Oak matte Komfort

™Komfort (3D)White Oak is used for residential and office applications. The window sill is white and has a wood-like surface. The special coating makes it easy to clean.

Walnut matt

Danke - Walnut matt Komfort

™Komfort (3D) matt walnut window sill with a detailed wood texture brings a cosy mood to interiors. The surface is easy to care for, even without the use of detergents.

Decors Danke window sills What's the difference?

PREMIUM — This series uses an exclusive German glossy and satin laminate coating Elesgo On Top HS Glanz. Acrylic laminate coating with the addition of basalt rocks, polyacrylate varnishes, resins, has 1 protective and 4 main layers.
. The declared service life is 50 years. The warranty period for this window-sill is 10 years. The sill board consists of the primary German PVC raw materials, as well as a mineral additive (flour from a marble crumb).

STANDART — These window sills are representative of the "medium class" segment. This series uses a German Elesgo On Top laminate. The acrylic coating has a satin finish, 1 protective layer and 2 basic layers. The declared service life is 30 years. The warranty for this window sill is 10 years. The window sill board is based on the primary raw material PVC, and the filler calcide (chalk).

KOMFORT — The ™Komfort window sill range is a budget-friendly but no less high-quality segment of the market. This series uses a durable PVC film from the Korean manufacturer. The declared service life is 30 years. The guarantee on the given kind of window sills is 1 year. The plastic board is based on a primary raw material - PVC, as well as calcide (chalk).

Window sills from other brands


Corner connection .90°

Заглушка торцевая Crystalit (Кристалит)

Corner connection 120°

Соеденитель Crystalit (Кристалит)

Corner connection 135°

Соеденитель Crystalit (Кристалит)

Corner connection 180°

Соеденитель Crystalit (Кристалит)

Window sills Danke – the choice of window professionals

Danke plastic window sills this! Innovative technology and reliable, high-quality materials - the alliance that introduced the Danke German window sills to the world. An exclusive product design, provided by the use of the Elesgo laminate coating, is the hallmark of the product. In industrial practice, it is used for laboratory tables and external fronts of furniture, and combines three competitive properties - absolute smoothness, durability and wear resistance. The raw materials for the window sills are sourced directly from Germany, ensuring that they comply with all European standards and have a record longevity.

Non-scratch, water-resistant, UV-resistant

The unique, patented texture of Elesgo's multi-layer coating gives German window sills not only durability, but also a wide range of exclusive designs for every interior. The perfect smoothness of the surface makes maintenance as easy as possible. To keep the window sill clean, simply wipe it down. There is no need for cleaning agents for Danke! The strengthened construction of German window sills allows them to withstand serious mechanical loads, e.g. human weight or voluminous flower pots. The product can therefore be safely used as a support when cleaning windows.

The high quality Elesgo laminate is an armour that protects the window sill from all possible mechanical damage. The multi-layered surface allows the product to remain invulnerable to scratches, scuffs, cracks and warping. They can be used to move flowerpots, place hot dishes or heavy objects without the slightest fear. This durability is maintained throughout the life of the window sills, along with their colourfastness. They have a lifetime of several decades.

The materials used in the construction of Danke window sills are thermally stable. The products are able to withstand a temperature impact of 100 degrees without compromising the quality of their colour and structure. The products exhibit a high resistance to local thermal influences. For this reason, the multilayer surface of the German Elesgo laminate cannot be damaged by a smoldering cigarette or spilled boiling water, and the increased resistance to fire inherent in all Danke products is a further argument in favour of choosing Danke products.

German window sills are a versatile solution for any residential or commercial environment. The use of acrylic-impregnated cellulose in their construction makes them resistant to steam and moisture. Therefore, even when installed in the bathroom or kitchen, they retain their structure - they do not delaminate or swell. The window sills do not need any additional treatment when used in unfavourable conditions. Without sanding, painting or varnishing, the products retain their original shape and colour throughout their entire service life.

During use, it is impossible to avoid exposure to the sun's rays on the window sill surface. In the case of German products, UV-radiation does not in any way impair their performance and aesthetic parameters. An impenetrable laminate and special colourings in the structure guarantee the stability of the product. Even with daily exposure to sunlight, Danke products do not crack or burn out. Global experts have awarded the German brand's products one of the highest, sixth, lightfastness rating.

The basalt lacquer coating used in the production of German window sills contains no resins, solvents or formaldehyde. They do not release toxic and poisonous substances that pose a threat to human health during use. This means that a high level of environmental safety can be guaranteed for the entire product range. Proof of this is the fact that Danke window sills are recommended for installation in preschools, hospitals and children's rooms. Disposing of the products at the end of their service life is not harmful to the environment.

  • The window sill is 20 mm thick. Can be fitted to any plastic, wooden or aluminium window!
  • The horizontal surface walls are 2 mm thick. Supports weights of more than 120 kg!
  • The vertical walls are 1.2 mm thick. The perpendicular arrangement creates a multiple margin of fracture strength!
  • The window sill weight is 8.5 kg/m2. Only environmentally friendly PVC without lead, technology according to quality!


Name Unit The price is in euros per linear metre.
Premium Standart Komfort
Window sills «Danke», width 100 mm running meter. 13.06 € 9.54 € 7.52 €
Window sills «Danke», width 150 mm running meter. 19.58 € 14.32 € 11.94 €
Window sills «Danke», width 200 mm running meter. 26.1 € 19.1 € 15.96 €
Window sills «Danke», width 250 mm running meter. 32.64 € 23.86 € 20.00 €
Window sills «Danke», width 300 mm running meter. 39.16 € 28.64 € 23.9 €
Window sills «Danke», width 350 mm running meter. 45.7 € 33.42 € 27.9 €
Window sills «Danke», width 400 mm running meter. 52.22 € 38.2 € 31.88 €
Window sills «Danke», width 450 mm running meter. 58.74 € 42.96 € 35.88 €
Window sills «Danke», width 500 mm running meter. 65.28 € 47.74 € 39.86 €
Window sills «Danke», width 550 mm running meter. 71.8 € 52.5 € 43.86 €
Window sills «Danke», width 600 mm running meter. 78.32 € 54.4 € 47.84 €
Window sills «Danke», width 700 mm running meter. 91.38 € 66.84 € 55.84 €
Two-way connector 135/90 1 piece. 4.84 € 4.84 € 4.84 €
Two-way connector 180/120 1 piece. 4.84 € 4.84 € 4.84 €
Double-sided end cap, length 700 mm (complete) 4.36 € 4.36 € 4.36 €
All prices listed on the website are valid for 2021. Check with your manager for the cost of window sill installation.

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