Golden Oak matte Danke window sillsSTANDARD

Danke - Golden Oak matte
Danke - Golden Oak matte
Danke - Golden Oak matte

Length: Maximum 600cm. Cut to your size free of charge.

Width: 15 сm, 20 сm, 25 сm, 30 сm, 35 сm, 40 сm, 45 сm, 50 сm, 55 сm, 60 сm, 70 сm.

The Danke Gold Oak matt window sill imitates the natural wood grain with high precision. The soft colour scheme with complex transitions looks elegant and aristocratic. Such a window sill will become a worthy decoration for interiors in classic and retro-style, loft and Provence. The matt surface is understated and laconic. It provides the perfect backdrop for your plants and decorations.

Danke products from the German manufacturer stand for high stability and resistance to wear and tear. Thanks to the patented construction the product can take loads of more than 120 kg. This is also helped by the thickness of the leaf (20 mm) and the large number of ribs.

The top covering is heat resistant and will not warp if you put a cup with a hot beverage on it or accidentally drop ash from a cigarette. The product is extremely easy to care for and does not require cleansing agents. The impenetrable acrylic layer avoids food discolourations.

The surface is scratch-resistant. The Danke Gold Oak window sill is recommended for installation in rooms where pets live. The quality is confirmed by a 10-year manufacturer's warranty.

The surface is scratch-resistant.

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Name Unit Price, EUR.
Window sills «Danke», width 100 mm running meter Standart 9.54
Window sills «Danke», width 150 mm running meter Standart 14.32
Window sills «Danke», width 200 mm running meter Standart 19.1
Window sills «Danke», width 250 mm running meter Standart 23.86
Window sills «Danke», width 300 mm running meter Standart 28.64
Window sills «Danke», width 350 mm running meter Standart 33.42
Window sills «Danke», width 400 mm running meter Standart 38.2
Window sills «Danke», width 450 mm running meter Standart 42.96
Window sills «Danke», width 500 mm running meter Standart 47.74
Window sills «Danke», width 550 mm running meter Standart 52.5
Window sills «Danke», width 600 mm running meter Standart 54.4
Window sills «Danke», width 700 mm running meter Standart 66.84
Connector 135/90 штука Standart 4.84
Connector 180/120 штука Standart 4.84
End cap, 700 mm (пара) шт. Standart 4.36
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