Mramor Classico glossy Danke window sillsPREMIUM

Danke - Marmor Classico glossy
Danke - Marmor Classico glossy
Danke - Marmor Classico glossy

Length: Maximum 600cm. Cut to your size free of charge.

Width: 15 сm, 20 сm, 25 сm, 30 сm, 35 сm, 40 сm, 45 сm, 50 сm, 55 сm, 60 сm, 70 сm.

The Danke Mramor Classico high-gloss window sill is a complex palette of pastel colours that makes the surface look very noble. The coating faithfully reproduces the palette and characteristic appearance of natural marble.

The German manufacturer has taken great care to ensure the robustness of its products. The window sills have an original patented design with a large number of reinforcing ribs, which allow them to support a considerable weight. The acrylic exterior coating is safe for people and the environment, as it does not contain formaldehyde. The surface is food colourfast and will not fade in direct sunlight. It leaves no marks, scratches or smudges from heavy flowerpots or the claws of pets.

The special coating formula makes the window sill resistant to short-term heat. Even hot ash will not leave any damage on the artificial marble. High-quality imported raw materials guarantee the stability of the window sill: it will not warp under moisture and is resistant to damage by mould and insects.

Guarantee of reliability and durability is guaranteed by the manufacturer. The official guarantee is 10 years.

This décor is in stock in sufficient quantity

Name Unit Price, EUR.
Window sills «Danke», width 100 mm running meter premium 13.06
Window sills «Danke», width 150 mm running meter premium 19.58
Window sills «Danke», width 200 mm running meter premium 26.1
Window sills «Danke», width 250 mm running meter premium 32.64
Window sills «Danke», width 300 mm running meter premium 39.16
Window sills «Danke», width 350 mm running meter premium 45.7
Window sills «Danke», width 400 mm running meter premium 52.22
Window sills «Danke», width 450 mm running meter premium 58.74
Window sills «Danke», width 500 mm running meter premium 65.28
Window sills «Danke», width 550 mm running meter premium 71.8
Window sills «Danke», width 600 mm running meter premium 78.32
Window sills «Danke», width 700 mm running meter premium 91.38
Connector 135/90 штука premium 4.84
Connector 180/120 штука premium 4.84
End cap, 700 mm (пара) шт. premium 4.36
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