White matt Danke window sillsSTANDARD

Danke - White matt
Danke - White matt
Danke - White matt

Length: Maximum 600cm. Cut to your size free of charge.

Width: 15 сm, 20 сm, 25 сm, 30 сm, 35 сm, 40 сm, 45 сm, 50 сm, 55 сm, 60 сm, 70 сm.

The Danke white matt window sill from the "Standard" series is a well-deserved favourite among consumers. It is a versatile solution that is suitable for all sizes of plastic and wooden windows. The white surface looks fresh and tidy. It is not only suitable for apartment buildings, but also for hospitals, sanatoriums, schools and office buildings.

Buyers choose the Danke white matt window sill because of its performance characteristics. The board is 20 mm thick and the surface is made from high-quality plastic. The material is impervious to water and moisture, the window sill does not lose its shape over time, it does not stratify. The board is resistant to damage by insects and mould. The acrylic exterior coating protects the surface from food pigmentation, making it resistant to UV degradation. The window sill retains its flawless white colour throughout its entire service life.

Thanks to its smooth surface and lack of porosity, the Danke white matt window sill is impervious to dirt. The coating is easy to clean with a simple rag and does not require the use of special chemicals. The quality of the product is confirmed by a long-term warranty from the manufacturer.

This décor is in stock in sufficient quantity

Name Unit Price, EUR.
Window sills «Danke», width 100 mm running meter Standart 9.54
Window sills «Danke», width 150 mm running meter Standart 14.32
Window sills «Danke», width 200 mm running meter Standart 19.1
Window sills «Danke», width 250 mm running meter Standart 23.86
Window sills «Danke», width 300 mm running meter Standart 28.64
Window sills «Danke», width 350 mm running meter Standart 33.42
Window sills «Danke», width 400 mm running meter Standart 38.2
Window sills «Danke», width 450 mm running meter Standart 42.96
Window sills «Danke», width 500 mm running meter Standart 47.74
Window sills «Danke», width 550 mm running meter Standart 52.5
Window sills «Danke», width 600 mm running meter Standart 54.4
Window sills «Danke», width 700 mm running meter Standart 66.84
Connector 135/90 штука Standart 4.84
Connector 180/120 штука Standart 4.84
End cap, 700 mm (пара) шт. Standart 4.36
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